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The return of the LIQUID SERIES in the WAVE SEQ2 tactile keycap series by RAMA WORKS®. 

RNBW Special Numbered Edition (of 135 units) with chromatic finish.

MOON Numbered Edition (of 35 units) with polish PVD finish.

Each cap is laser etched with an edition number (RWXXX) that is matched to an accompanying card. The collectible cards are stackable and come with an acrylic easel stand.

Additional customisation can be added to the RNBW edition and will be etched on the opposite face to the edition number (on the underside of the cap). This is also available for the Beadblasted WAVE caps, Rainy Day caps & NFC Cards.

RNBW Cards are laser-etch filled and the MOON Cards are hand-filled.