Updates on RAMA WORKS® Projects
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28 Nov 2023

Now available to preorder:

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5 Jan 2023

The initial batch of DUCK switches has passed our QC which we have begun to ship out. The remaining batch is expected to arrive at our warehouse for fulfilment in mid-January.

13 Jan 2023

The remaining batch has now arrived at our warehouse and after inspecting them and ensuring they are up to our QC standards, our team will now be fulfilling and dispatching orders.

The DUCK Switches are expected to complete production by the end of September, where it will then proceed to fulfilment.

September 5: First batch is inbound to warehouse.

September 13: First batch of DUCK Switches has been shipped to customers!

September 28: The 2nd out of the 3 batches is expected to arrive Early-Mid October - will update when the batch has been shipped! (Expected to ship October 1st)

September 30: DHL has picked up the second batch - currently inbound by air to our Melbourne warehouse for packing and shipping.

October 7: Batch 2 of 3 has arrived to our warehouse for packing and shipping! Please be patient as the orders are individually packed before shipment.

October 13: Batch 3 QC sample has shipped for QA before the final batch of switches are sent. The remainder of Express + Australian orders of 70/90 packs are on track to ship out by Monday the 17th.

October 18: DHL Express + Australian orders have all shipped (if order is all in-stock items) ✅

October 31: All of Batch 2 has shipped ✅

November 15: Batch 3 (final batch) has been completed and is inbound to our Australian warehouse!

23 Nov 2022

Batch 3 of DUCK switches arrived at the RW warehouse. During the preliminary assessment, we found that the switches were noticeably different to the previous batches. Our QC team immediately collated a randomised sample and disassembled these to investigate the root cause of the issue.

We discovered that there were significant discrepancies in the lubing of the switches. As the issue was caught quite early on, there were no defective products shipped to end consumers.

25 Nov 2022

Gateron conducted an internal review as per our request. It was found that the issue was due to a blockage by grease sediment in the automated lubing machine. While this issue was discovered during production, the machine operator failed to quarantine all of the affected units resulting in an outflow of defective units.

Measures were implemented to prevent the above from occurring again and manufacturing of replacement units began immediately.

2 Dec 2022

We came to the consensus with Gateron that they would have to remake the entire batch due to the prevalence of inconsistencies (lube quantity / downstroke sensation / sound profile) in the switches. Gateron has informed us that the replacements should be completed by 20 Dec 2022, at which point they will be shipped to RAMA WORKS.

The company prides itself on designing and engineering exceptional products. As we hold ourselves to the highest QC benchmarks, we will not allow these defective units to enter the market. We unreservedly apologise for the inconvenience caused to our customers and vendor partners.

22 Dec 2022

Gateron, the switch manufacturer, is currently running at a reduced production capacity. They have shipped the initial batch (of replacement units) for quality control checking. However, at this stage, we are still expecting to receive the remaining units early next year once we sign off on the QC batch. The flawed batch of switches is returning to Gateron from ourselves and distributors.

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The re-worked Thermal SEQ2 artisans have arrived at our warehouse and will be fulfilled in conjunction with the Thermal keyboards.

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XO Pens have all shipped and are now in-stock.
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June 2023: All units are in-stock and ready for shipping!

More can be seen here:

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KARA Units are shipping by order date in batches.

Chinese distributor zFrontier has received their units for shipment.
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JUNE: YOLK, TEA EGG, MUSK & MINT are in production 

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We are finally at the stage where we have started running the colour samples, check them out here:

We will soon have a tentative date to provide for production to finish.
Here is a photograph of the production sample of the CASE (and TUBS) that has arrived.
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The M60-B, M65-C & U80-B are all in the production queue. We have received updated samples of the newly released colorways to check for colour accuracy and ensure the quality of the finish is perfect.

A peelable film has also been added to the mirror-finishes which provides surface protection until product delivery.

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The latest packaging samples have arrived which we are now happy with (just a few minor adjustments) - and moving the packaging into production. 

December 5: Production of the bases is nearing completion - we've added enamel fill to the inside of the feet cutouts so that the adhesive can't be seen. 

December 22nd: The bases for the CHESS sets are all nearing completion, and we added some final touches to polish the design. The chess pieces are also in die-cast moulding, and at this stage, we're looking to have them completed in Q1 2023.

March 27th: Manufacturing of the Chess sets has been completed. A production QC batch is currently on the way to Australia which we will evaluate upon receiving it. Once that batch has been signed off, the entire production batch will be sea freighted.

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We have finished shipping the Metropolis M6-C units to our vendor partners. The Hazakura and Dualshot M6 enclosures and packaging have arrived at our Melbourne Warehouse. We have the GRID caps ready for the HAZAKURA units, which we hope to pack quickly within the new year - we are just awaiting the GRID caps for the Dualshot units. We will begin shipping the Hazakura edition in January to our distribution partners.

December 16th:
M6-C Dualshot & Hazakura have arrived - associated Hardware kits have been packed - awaiting GRID caps (expected to arrive on the 22nd)

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We have begun prototyping and testing the XO Planter and do want to make this product a reality. We cannot wait to release more details as we progress with research and development!

November: We have updated the design for the planter and it's now production-ready and will come in two sizes.

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Now available to preorder:

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The first edition of the NFC cards have finished fulfilment. SEQ2 NFC Cards are now available in-stock and shipping as orders are placed.
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October 18: All MATS orders (combined with other in-stock items) have shipped. New orders will be processed as normal.

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The ULTRASOFT XL Microfibre Cloths are in-stock and ready to ship!
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2 September: JARS have arrived and will begin shipping!
9 September: All JARS orders shipped!

Orders are now available in-stock and shipping as placed. 
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October 24: All GRID cap orders have been shipped 💛 Extra's of sets A / B and C are now in-stock while stock lasts. 

August 31: Production of the GRID caps are complete and we're organising shipment from the manufacturer.

September 19: GRID Keycaps are expected to arrive at port in Melbourne end of September, where they will then be sent to our warehouse to begin fulfilment.

October 7: GRID Keycaps have arrived to our warehouse for packing and shipping! Please be patient as the orders are individually packed before shipment.

October 13: GRID Cap C sets have been packed and will be followed up with packing the A/B + mixed sets the week of the 17th. GRID caps will start shipping after the MATS orders have completed shipping.

October 18: GRID Caps A/B/C have started shipping!