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M6-A 88 Edition M6-A 88 Edition M6-A 88 Edition M6-A 88 Edition M6-A 88 Edition


M6-A 88 Edition

M6-A 88 Edition


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RAMA M6-A 88 Edition

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Product Description:

Rama Works is proud to celebrate the new M6 Limited Collection; this edition is limited to just 88 units. The companion sized keyboard fits perfectly between the M4-A and M10-A previously launched by Rama Works. 

The board offers up the best of signature Rama Works aesthetic. The entire board is CNC-Machined Brass and Aluminium, using similar coating methods, tools, and techniques used in the production of high-end watches. The M6 88 Edition sports a hand-polished mirror finish golden LNY base, which offers that elevated level of personal detailing. There will be Kailh Box switches included in the kit. In an effort to foster relationships with beginners and aficionados alike, the M6 includes switches that require no soldering thanks to the new Kailh sockets. Although they can be ‘hot-swapped’ without soldering, they are still plate-mounted for an extra level of stability. 


Product Color Options:
Black enclosure + Gold Base (88 edition)

Top: Beadblasted Anodized Aluminium
Base: Hand mirror polished PVD Coated Brass

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Weight (with switches):
M6-A (without caps): 200 grams
Base: 75 Grams



1 x Top Enclosure (Aluminium)

1 x Special Edition Polished Base (Brass)

1 x Custom Moulded Foot

1 x Polishing Cloth

4 x SS M3 Fixtures

1 x M6-A PCB with Kailh Sockets (designed by Wilba)

6 x Kailh Box Whites switches

6 x Custom DSA Doubleshot XO caps (LNY Edition)

1 x Rama Tool 01 (XO Reset Pin Pusher) - Mirror Polished Stainless Steel

1 x USB-C to USB-A cable (USB 3.0)