NEMO - Finale

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.

These are the last NEMOs' to leave the building and will be offered a choice of special accessories (available separately).

Each NEMO ‘final release’ will come with a dated retirement card, matched to its unique chassis number.


Thank you to all who participated in the NEMO - Finale auction!

As bidding has now concluded, we will be sending out invoices to winning participants.

Participants wil have 24 hours to pay for their NEMO
before the invoice is void and the next winner is selected.

Reserve price starts at retail.

As a measure against fraudulent bids,
bidding now requires a token to
be purchased beforehand.

You only need to purchase one token
to be eligible for bidding.

Please also be sure you are logged in
to the respective account which you
purchased the token on to
access the product and place bids.

All fraudulent bids
are automatically removed.

Tokens are refunded at
the conclusion of the auction.