After extensive development, our eagerly awaited CAPS keycaps are ready for release. Through the use of high-quality double-shot plastic, the premium construction ensures precise legends and long-lasting keycaps. Designed with both form and function in mind, five uniquely sculpted profiles provide an optimised typing experience. From ideation to prototyping and refinement, measured decisions were made to create an emblematic product of the RAMA WORKS® brand.


After meticulous deliberation, the following base kit inclusions were chosen. Priority was placed on supporting in-house boards with additional keys added to support a large majority of layouts. Although the base kit is set for our first release, we hope to expand compatibility with future releases


CAPS keycaps are formed through double-shot injection moulding, allowing for crisp and enduring legends. An ABS and PBT blend was selected for the base and polycarbonate legends, which will provide future opportunities for shine-through legends.

ROW 1 TO 5

CAPS was designed with 5 unique row profiles for optimal ergonomics.


Our keycaps feature homing keys with a scooped design on F & J, as well as num-pad 5.


CAPS keycaps come enclosed in our latest archival solution, CASE. With durability and functionality in mind, the CASE’s hardshell exterior provides secure protection, while its transparent top enclosure allows for the CAPS keycaps to be displayed.

Inset into the top of the CASE is our iconic X motif which extends to the base where an embossed X allows individual CASE units to stack securely.

Once the CAPS keycaps have been mounted on a keyboard, the CASE’s utility can be expanded with the optional TUBS add-on, providing a modular organisational system.


Returning in the CAPS profile is our renowned Heavy Industry colour scheme, alongside a new DARK variant. Alongside these, we have selected three versatile colourways - KURO, MILK & SOYA. These serve to provide our customers with timeless options that will suit any board.


Alongside our first edition keysets, we will be releasing the very first CAPS profile artisan keycap. The striking yellow “X” contrasted with the polished aluminium was chosen to pair well with any of our first edition keysets.


Following the first release of the CAPS keycaps in our colourways, we will be opening collaborations with keyset designers to create some of the keysets that we have come to love to the CAPS profile and be offered through our store & vendors.