Are you looking for a desktop friend that's a little quackers? 

Look no further than our duck figurine! This charming little man KAMO is perfect for perching on your desk, shelf or any other surface that can use a bit of “qua-racter”.


The BAT I hold is removable and can be swapped out for different editions, making it easy to change up my style and add some flair to my feathers. 


I will be packed away safely in a presentable box, so you don't have to worry about me getting damaged. If you would instead let me out of my tiny home, I will be the perfect companion for your set-up - always ready to lend a helping wing.


The KAMO 100, is roughly 10.5CM (4.13") tall (without holding the BAT) and about 11.3CM (4.45") with the BAT held. The removable BAT stands tall at 12.2CM (4.80"). Through the store page on mobile, you can visualise the KAMO in your space with compatible phones in AR. 


You will indeed find the perfect match for your setup, as I will be coming in various editions. I am sure to make a splash in your home or office.


I am not the only duck out here… My family is currently migrating, but they will be arriving soon to meet you. We come in all shapes and sizes, and I am the smallest of the flock – just wait until you meet the rest of my family!

"It was the roaring twenties, my grandfather Al Kamone had a thriving business in bootlegging and transporting goods via the water.
He operated a crew 500 ducks strong, known as the KAMO NOIR."

"While those days are well behind us, the BAT has been passed down through generations. And with the dawn of the new millenium,
our family has diversified into the tech industry."

The KAMO NOIR limited edition figurines come with unique birth certificates, dated and numbered upon creation.
There are only 500 units available, so waddle on over to our online store to grab yours before they all fly off the shelf.

We will be randomly selecting one lucky customer to receive a hand-detailed figurine of my grandfather – the notorious “Al Kamone” (1/1).
This will accompany the number 1 of 500 KAMO NOIR.

The uniquely laser-etched collectors cards can be displayed with the included easel and have the following features:
  • Silver Foil
  • Gold Foil
  • Holographic Foil
  • Laser etching with the edition number + time and date of issuing.