The famed M60 silhouette returns with newly updated internals and signature colourways. Keeping its aesthetic beauty from its predecessor, first released in 2018, the M60-B has been re-engineered & designed to provide a modern typing experience with added compatibility with our KARA range.


For the first round of the M60-B we have brought back all of our fan favourite colours
(and something new).

With such a variety, you’ll be sure to find the right colour to match your desk!


The M60-B features our latest, innovative mounting system, moving away from the original 4mm integrated plate. Changing to a gasket-mounted system, the M60-B will allow you to use different plate materials to further enhance and fine-tune your typing experience.

The M60-B now shares the same mounting system as our KARA keyboard, allowing for the subassemblies to be interchanged between one another.


In an effort to provide the best end-user experience available, this board requires no soldering to construct with any Cherry MX-compatible switches. The M60-B offers a USB-C connection attached to the USB Extension PCB. There will be additional PCBs also available for individual sale. The board includes in-switch RGB LEDs under the PCB, which require no installation.


To further improve the typing experience we have opted to add flex cuts into the PCB itself, thereby reducing the stiffness and further improving the typing experience. 


In addition to all of our latest improvements, we are including anti-static PE foam which you can choose to install above the PCB to further enhance the typing experience and tune the resonance to your liking.

Italian Trulli


1.5 mm Polycarbonate Plate

RAMA WORKS MUTE silicone dampening

8.0° ergonomic angle

19.85 mm front height above desk

In-Switch RGB LED

Kailh Switch Sockets (hot-swappable/no soldering required)

Textured base


For the M60-B, we are offering matching backweights in the same material, colour and finish.

Additional backweights are also available for purchase if you want to add some flair to your board and make it truly personalised!


The optional interior weight made out of beadblasted brass can be installed internally to the M60-B. It adds extra heft and provides for a deeper resonance.


Need your board to be quieter? Add in the internal dampener to absorb some of the internal resonance.


Introducing our latest addition to our colour lineup, we present the RNBW (Rainbow) edition M60-B.

Made out of pure brass, it features a multicolour PVD coating on the top housing and backweight and a beadblasted and anodised black finish for its brass base. Our most complicated finish.