The Modular S01 Spinner by RAMA and KATE

A fidget toy, a table spinner, a conversation piece, and a work of art: the Massdrop x RAMA WORKS S01 Remedy Spinner is all of these and more. This fidget spinner bridges the gap between the ultra high end and the everyday beater. Designed to help you focus by keeping your hands engaged, it’s crafted with CNC’d 6061 aluminum end caps surrounded by a free-spinning piece of brass or aluminum. At its core are choice hybrid ceramic bearings, which provide long (up to a few minutes) and quiet (great for meetings and office spaces) spins. And at less than 2 inches in diameter, it will easily slip into a pocket on the go.


The Massdrop x RAMA WORKS S01 Remedy Spinner is unconventional in many ways. First off, the bearings used are at the top of the ABEC scale, delivering long spin times and smooth spinning action. Second, the weight distribution of the S01 Remedy Spinner is so that the focal point is always dead center. This makes it much easier to practice one-fingered spins and other tricks. Plus, where some spinners have aggressive angles and hot spots, this one has contoured, rounded edges for a smooth feel in the hand. The edges have been precision machined to the tightest tolerances to ensure a comfy, unobtrusive grip.