U80-B 👑

Back by popular demand, and for a good reason. The U80 was the first board to utilise our novel MUTE mounting system - and we’ve now expanded on that to make this our best typing experience yet! Each U80-B will come standard with our moulded ICED polycarbonate plate, new flex PCB, and an additional layer of PE foam and ICED MUTE mounting layer. Creating a bouncier, dampened typing feel with greater RGB underglow diffusion. The new features are also completely cross-compatible with the U80-A, which we are offering as a sub-assembly kit that includes these upgrades.

This keyboard has been designed to dominate any desk it sits on. It is machined entirely from high-quality metals and informs stability in any setup.

The U80 boasts per-switch RGB LEDs and USB-C. Also highlighted with this board is a thoughtful layout that provides all the keys you’ll ever need for any game or task - elegantly spaced out. Each element is meticulously crafted with the finest details, including our own custom-made laser-etched Stainless Steel TORX T6 & T10 fasteners.

Designed for the ultimate performance, a carefully moulded polycarbonate switch plate sits isolated from the enclosure, providing the softest typing experience. 


The MUTE is our proven mounting technology that’s moulded from translucent non-conductive silicone. It was pioneered in 2019 when we first introduced the U80. The MUTE has been battle-tested with thousands of users of our KARA, M65-B and U80-A keyboards which utilise the same mounting system. This mounting method works by suspending the entire plate sub-assembly within the enclosure; it’s immediately pliable with no fixed, rigid attachment points.


We’ve added new flex cuts to the PCB allowing for a more elastic typing experience, further accentuated with the already flexible MUTE mounting platform and polycarbonate plate.

To provide the best end-user experience available, the U80-B PCB requires no soldering to be constructed with any Cherry MX-compatible switches and features a USB-C connection.

Additional PCBs will also be available for individual sale alongside a sub-assembly kit incorporating all our new changes.


The board includes in-switch south-facing RGB LEDs under the PCB - paired with the ICED MUTE and ICED Plate; this is perfectly diffused, projecting a vivid under glow to your keycaps.


Add your own MX compatible caps and stylise your keyboard to your liking! The U80-B now comes in our crowd’s favourite colours. You can select from our blank canvas, MILK, to accentuate and frame any keycap set or go for our vibrant colours, such as HAZE or LAVA, and make a statement.

Keycaps shown on the U80-B are for demonstrative purposes only and are not included with the product. 


Introducing our latest signature colour in the Heavy Industry coated range, the vibrant safety orange - LAVA. Sitting boldly next to our crowd favourites: MILK and SOYA.


Brass - Hand Polished - PVD coated - Heavy


An optional internal weight is available for extra heft and resonance. It’s bead-blasted and machined from solid brass, then PVD coated to our iconic MOON finish. The weight adds some extra stability to the already solid build of U80-B.


The optional Internal Dampener is a moulded silicone insert that absorbs the sound inside the keyboard for an adjusted acoustic signature.


The U80-B utilises our custom fasteners with the included tools to help you assemble and disassemble the keyboard easily. 


We’ve added a layer of precision, laser-cut PE Foam that sits above the PCB and below the switches - this, along with the MUTE mid-layer, helps with dampening each keycap stroke.