As our keyboard family continues to grow, so too does a need for more companion pieces to accentuate our workspace.

We are happy to announce Canvas, our first desk mat available exclusively through Rama Works. The desk mat provides a smooth, non-slip surface for the control of your computer peripheral whether it be for business, pleasure, or some strange dark ritual involving both.

Canvas is a blend of spandex and polyester, measuring 600mm x 250mm, while the non-slip base is composed of 100% natural rubber foam. Unlike some of our other higher profile launches, this desk mat is not intended as a centrepiece, but rather to provide an important and underrated duty in the lives of the end user. If you are reading this, then like all of us here at Rama Works you spend a ludicrous amount of time in specific, tailored places doing the things that you love, the things that pay the bills and the things that you cannot live without. The humble Canvas will find its fit in your space, whether it’s a furnished home office, a converted closet, a fabrication workshop, college dorm, or any number of other locales.

Proudly from us at Rama Works, the Canvas is a place for your art to take its shape, aided by exceptional tracking accuracy thanks to the micro-variation on the low friction texture. Whether it be a slow, meticulous grind, or something more caffeine-fueled and immediate, your work will be carried out with grace and ease.