M60-A LNY20 EDITION – Extras
M60-A LNY20 EDITION – Extras
M60-A LNY20 EDITION – Extras
M60-A LNY20 EDITION – Extras

M60-A LNY20 EDITION – Extras


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This product DOES NOT come with a PCB.

NOTE: Keycaps shown are for demonstration purposes only and are not included.

Product Name:

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Product Description:
Special release LNY20 edition M60-A


Product Color Options:
KURO (Aluminium) with GOLD (Brass) Backweight

NOTE: Due to the anodising process we cannot guarantee that the colour will match our previously made products 100%.


4.5 mm Integrated Plate
8.0° angle
19.85 mm front height above desk
LNY Edition Backweight/Engraving - Double Happiness 


1 x Top Enclosure

1 x Base Enclosure 

1 x Back Weight (LNY Edition)

2 x Custom Moulded Foot (Silicone - Black)

10 x M2x3 RW FT T10 Fasteners (PCB to plate + daughterboard)

4 x M4x6 RW FT T10 Fasteners (External)

4 x M3x6 RW FT T10 Fasteners (Only if edition with back weight)

1 x U1-C PCB (USB-C Interface board)

1 x U1-C to M60-A PCB CABLE

1 x USB-C to USB-A cable (USB 3.0)

1 x T10 tool for all fixtures

1 x Switchpuller XO

Various Packaging


Product Name:


Part Number:





1800 g /

Colour Accuracy

The images provided are renders and the final product may differ in colour from the images shown, due to manufacturing process and how images are presented to our viewers (through different displays and perception).
Encasement Only

If you have selected the PCB: NONE variant of this product, please be aware that this will not ship with a PCB and it is assumed that you already have a M60-A compatible PCB to use within the housing.

B-Stock Product

This product has been manually inspected and is classified as B-stock. Please ensure you have read about the characteristics and defects that are present prior to making the purchase.
RAMA WORKS will not be accepting returns / refunds for defects that are outlined below.

The examples shown below are of the worst case scenario and may not be present on majority of units.

Anodised Aluminium

Pitting, Dents & Chips
These units have pitting, dents and/or chips present. These are characterised by small holes within the surface of the aluminium which were not machined or hidden with anodising entirely. These can sometimes be singular or in other situations, they may be present in larger clusters.

Pitting example.

Blemishes & Stains
Blemishes and stains are present on these units and are characterised by either small or large stains upon the anodised surface which do not come off after cleaning.

Pitting example.

Machining Marks & Other Imperfections
Machining marks are visible on these units and are seen as a series of lines or markings under the surface of the anodising. Since these marks were not finished during the machining stage, they will be prominent upon closer inspection.

Pitting example.

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